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How Does Hispanic Yell Work?

Today’s consumers are more social than ever! They follow their favorite brands on Twitter and look for product recommendations from their friends on Facebook. In fact, 3 out of 4 consumers consult social media before making a purchase. In light of this, we have created Hispanic Yell, a social business directory that features a unique advertising concept that closes the gap between businesses and consumers by connecting them with one another.

To be listed on Hispanic Yell, all you need is an annual membership, which allows you to list your business for a full year. You can get a Basic Annual Membership (currently being offered for FREE) and be among the thousands of local businesses already listed, or for maximum exposure, you may purchase our Premium Annual Membership, which gives your business a wall to post statuses, share your news, updates, images, videos, and post your special offers. Additionally, customers can like, give ratings to businesses, and comment on statuses for immediate interaction between businesses and clients.

Spend Less and Outperform Your Competition

It’s times like these, when your competitors are distracted, that you can get ahead of them. If your competitors have had to cut expenses, marketing was probably one of the first things they pulled back on – even while knowing they shouldn’t have.  Chances are they haven’t invested in new technology … trying instead to get by with the computers and systems they have. By the time their business picks up, they will have a lot of catching up to do.

You, however, can be putting this time to good use. Strive to outperform your competitors while they are distracted. One of the best ways to do that is to put the name of your business right at the fingertips of more than 1.1 million Hispanic consumers in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Check out the chart below and choose one of our two membership options so your business can get listed right away:


Introductory Rate Card*

Regularly $120 per year
Introductory Offer: FREE
100% Discount!  $120 Savings!

Regularly $480 per year
Introductory Offer: $240
50% Discount!  $240 Savings!

$70 per month ($840 per year)
Full Payment Discount Rate: $670
20% Discount, $170 Savings!

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$60 per month ($720 per year)
Full Payment Discount Rate: $570
20% Discount, $150 Savings!

* Our Introductory Rate card expires on December 31, 2017.

How To Get a Free Membership • Video Tutorial (COMING SOON!)