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Hispanic Yell is proud to announce its new and improved top-of-the-line business listing… Yes, our new VIP Listing gives your business the most for your advertising dollar!
You get a wall to post and share your Statuses, News, Updates, Images, Videos, and most importantly, you can post your Special Offers to attract more traffic, and if you have job openings you can post that too. Additionally, visitors can Like, give Ratings to businesses, and Comment on Statuses for immediate engagement between businesses and potential clients.  Hispanic Yell offers a unique advertising concept to reach today’s savvy consumers by connecting them with one another.
Now you can put the name of your business right at the fingertips of more than 1.1 million local Hispanics. Advertising in Hispanic Yell is like extending a welcome mat in front of your store, you will find that Hispanic consumers really appreciate that.

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